Irony of life

The drama begins here..

I went to my friends burial ,that’s the former miss world Kenya nyamira county (rest in perfect peace girl) I left Jimmy at home ,that was a Two days out of town ,the burial was done and time to come back to town.

I came back and learnt some strange things in the house ,I just felt that the house wasn’t containing one person ever since I left,but since I saw no one ,Ihad no blames for anyone.
The next day rumours had it,there was a girl in that house .
I ignored because love matters , we were okay until it reached a point I was officially wife ,like from the introductions to family and friends ,first priorities in everything.Though I had not moved in officially so whenever we had issues I could leave and come back when we good .That went on until I realized I was paged that is early2017 .

I was pregnant ,three weeks but I Jimmy could go for two days without backing home ,I had stress and pressure at the same time ,and I could not let go because I was a slave of love .I had a miscarriage as a result of stress and emotional torture. Jimmy was not surprised yes he wasn’t and we had issues over that I left.

After I left bianca could come stay there and after jimmy has talked to me and convinced me to come back she would leave.You all see how stupid I was,don’t worry I was in love.
So,days passed and we never talked until we met at a mutual friends birthday along ngong road ,we were not talking so we were just there ,he got drunk and demanded to go home with me which I never was in for ,he was mad and brought a bagful of drama.he was too violent to an extent the place was to be vacated .Police were contacted because it was a dangerous scene .But before they came he had left.
He of course forced me home and I went to his place .
The following day I left early .He was mad he wanted me back by force I wasn’t ready so he did the worst.He leaked my nudes.All the crazy moments we shared nude and captured were out on media,I was mad,I was confused.
My cousins disowned me and threw me out .
They never wanted to see me again ,I was so so much broken ,I lost respect for people ,the people who believed in me never did again .My friends ran away they were never there .They blocked me everywhere I lost dignity and self-esteem ,I was down .I cried,I sought for advise I WS to file a case against him .

The people we shared left I remained with two friends .Stacy Lelaono and Cynthia Audrey,I was done with life I even had suicidal thoughts but I was not in my senses .My two friends talked to me ,Keziah bianca ,Bella Kerubo and Ednah nyaboke did it.
Emmanuel Olisa talked to me ,he was my friend ,Olive wandia stood by me ,honaline Moraa talked to me because all those pictures were now spreading in school groups ,all those because someone I trusted and loved betrayed me.
He wasn’t sorry ,he was a prison warden so if I could visit my lawyer and get a demand letter demanding him to stop working until further notice could work.He learnt that through a friend and he had to do everything to win me back again .He sent his friend who fooled me and said he wanted to talk to me,I listened,he took me to somewhere in Karen ,I guess county club Karen yeah talked to me and I could hear them communicate ,within no time Jimmy came and all he did was begging for forgiveness.
After all it had happened I had to forgive ,I got thousands of blackmails from people I never thought could,I was called a dog in the process with a friend but I stood up by myself and told God it is done !
I got patience and the courage to face life again ,I used to go to class sometimes u could find someone staring at you ,I conquered .
At a particular time a class boy commented “huyo ni ule dem hushika chapo na maringo kwa mess”? I was broken and down ofcourse you can tell with all that Money how I’d slay hehehe.
Time went and semester was over at least !

I went home but an enemy of the people had sent my mum the nudes !Alright ,in short one of my cousins did send her the nudes ,my mum was so ashamed of me ,I can’t even explain in fact I couldn’t wanna go back to that situation .
I assumed ,and life was on ,the story faded down and it gradually gone .We got back with jimmy and this time I was again paged .He was happy about it ,excited ofcourse and We decided to keep the baby .Life was okay for 6months ,no issues just peace and love ,clinics etc .
We could still go out yeah party all the way ,we were okay yeah very okay .
Now ,August came my tummy was out and loud. Went home voted and back to town .life was nice yeah .
September went,October went ,November came.
Issues erupted from nowhere he was probably meeting bianca behind my back and many more ladies .I minded my own business until he threw me out of his house ,I was 7months pregnant .
Maybe he was tired with my moods and cravings ,I left to my place.He had included me in his hospital cover as a dependant. So I was to visit Nairobi women’s hospital for delivery when time could fall.

I had stress staying alone with my condition so special thanks to Lorine Rosa who hosted me for quite a while .God bless you my dear.she comforted me really well and gave me hope .All in all I had to be strong for my baby.
Jimmy could not talk to me ,I talked to him and we were to get back ,I had an intention of going to his place and pick his identification card plus his NHIF card to clear bills later on .
I was depressed and I was admitted at Nairobi women’s hospital .I had false labour for two weeks ,I was in pain I had none to come over but my aunt could ,Sophy that’s my aunt ,.My mum had to know I was paged now and sophy told her she was surprised but anyway yakimwagika hayazoleki.
So I was sent for a caesarian section delivery.That was emergency cs because by now my babys heartbeat was slow.I had a friend Dr Austine who worked there ,he dressed me up for cs .
I went to theatre ,I got dehydrated in the process ,I asked and cried for water which I was never given .They had to put it in pipes instead ,I almost lost my life in the process ,but I Thank God . Boom after 45minutes my baby came at 36weeks exactly .she never cried out at first but later did ,I was so overwhelmed I got a babygirl who looked cute .I was happy ,I was out of theatre and met my baby,to my surprise jimmy was there in the hospital too .I remember at some point during our arguments he told me ‘kill that thing ”

Was in hospital he used to come over and see the baby then leave .stayed in hospital for 4day was discharged with quite a huge bill to pay .NhIF catered for everything since he was a civil servant .left to my plqce my mum came for a week then left.Jimmy called and said he wanted to move in with me ,we moved in yes,with our baby ,we gave hernames,tue middle name being their late aunt moved on anyway ,I was at peace I never lacked ,wee dealt with baby problems together ,baby injections you know,yeah we were all together in it and I felt secure ,I felt cared for and above all I had my favourite people with me .
Days went by January February ,march here ,issues once more.He could leave ,go for two three days never coming back again,my cs wound was still fresh I had no help I had to struggle by myself,okay I did it yes I had to be strong .
Love was no longer there ,he changed to be precise haha I never had someone yo help me with baby for a rest at least ,I thought hard ,he had no time for us he would come in shower and leave ,not coming back till further notice hehehe anyway I survived,I could not sleep ,I was mentallyunokay but I had to be strong for baby.
I thought ,I even couldn’t eat,he had the guts of cheating on me even after trading my life for his kid ooh Lord I was hurt again .He had saved bianca in his phone as La hahah and anytime he was coming to shower La could call but I knew it all.I decided it was enough ,so having moved in ,I had nowhere to stay ,I had to leave though, I left with my baby and handbag left everything there he was there on the couch he just asked where I was going and being a Sunday I said church .I went to my aunts place for a while as I got a job at SouthB ,I was not earning much my pay was little ,I struggled alot I could sometime get Ill because I spent many hours without breastfeeding and my chest could really hurt ,I used to cry ,the pain was real,I could get home baby doesn’t want to breastfeed .
I used my first pay to rent a house ,I got a house help and life went on until my house help reported me to the police for not paying her in time.I was given a weeK to pay the cash.4000 ,yes a week my work was no more.i was so frustrated.i prayed to God to strengthen me ,oh as I left jimmy texted me ,”by the way don’t be in a hurry to come back” funny okay.all that time he went silent ,I decided I was not to ever turn back again ,I hustled,I sold clothes online ,I sold handbags,I really did whatever looked like business,did I mention I sold eggs,boiled eggs in night pubs ,I could sometimes give to drunk people and they later refuse to buy ,doubletrouble ,.did I tell you I sold beans and chapati to people “watu wa mjengo” anyway I did ,I sold tomatoes yes for my baby,I at some point sold sukumawiki ,you can imagine na u slayqueen wangu wote how I could cut sukuma for people ,BTW I knew how to.
I had people I talked to Mwinyi Kazungu being one of them ,he told me Montana you can make it,you’re able l could Knod and cry..and then kept moving ,the waves were too much,my boat was sinking I had only tears to offer.

Finale episode soon..

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