Iron life to becoming and iron lady and a voice to the voiceless ladies

My name is Lenzah Moraa but mostly people know me as Montana (Monty)
My story begins back in 2016 where I met some guy.
I can take it back ,it was on a Friday afternoon I was with my cousin heading to our local home restaurant to buy some fries ,so on our way we met three guys of course having beer at the local home pub .Because we were so focused about our business we just assumed and went .we got our fries and came back they insisted we join them for adrink which we did being a Friday and it was a nice place to relax as we wait for turn up haha.
So we got to do some introduction and we knew each other ,we spent time drinking and one thing led to the other ,we had planned to go for some reggae at Langata road .
Which we did ,we really interacted and we were drunk and in love hahaha,you can relate .we had our drinks and my cousin and I were dropped home .
The guy who was in my case was the driver of the day and so he dropped us ,he had a Mercedes Benz which I guess confused me the more.
After that we met severally went out every weekend ,maybe twice a week,I was in campus remember ,he ofcourse gave me good money ,dropped me at school ,picked me up later ,took me for manicure and pedicure ,my hair was sorted ,my closet was awesome .I went to nice places ate well ,drank well and life went on .
The guy lived around us ,so I could visit whenever I wanted ,we really fell in love and we were addicted to each other within no time ,
At some point I could visit his place for a week ,I actually never felt like leaving because I loved the man !
2016 was cool yes ! It was until 2017 January when some girl approached me .I was taking a walk with his sister and the lady approached us she greeted us and sad “hey Montana my name is bianca (not her real name ) and am Jimmy’s ex so tell your boyfriend to leave me alone ” and she walked away.
I was left wondering ,half broken half torn I was mad I was confused ,I tried calling Jimmy he couldn’t pick my calls ,I assumed.
So I was at his parents’place ,he was at his place after work so we were not together .
I called the whole night I couldn’t get an answer my instincts could tell me he was seeing someone else but I ignored.
The following day he texted me early ,and told me to leave their place asap !
I was so surprised ,I mean I never saw this coming I was too afraid to call I was too hurt to confirm .
At a point I had thought of going to talk to his dad ,I tried to threaten him ,you can’t imagine what he replied “Girl no woman introduces herself” That was the reply .
I wasn’t yet introduced I was just a girlfriend,and I used to hide in his sisters room hahaha.
So I had no choice but to leave ,yes I left not knowing what was to happen next ,I went to my girlfriend’s place I explained ,she couldn’t help but tell me sorry ,I pretended to be okay she had some Bailey’s so we just had a toss to all those stories and danced to sleep.
I pretended with the “I can’t call first ” thing but deep inside I was torn .
I cried in my blankets but pretended in real life like ‘I can’t cry for a man ‘
That means not everyone who says that means it ,some of us say it to cover up whatwe going through .
Anyway days moved and on a Tuesday he texted ,I was excited ,I asked him who bianca was he said she was his ex.
I bought the lies and met him .
Now drama begins here….

Next episode coming out soon…you could find it right in you email when you subscribe and follow the blog too


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