Are wrong surgeries a trend?

“ 99 percent of everything that has been said about me is completely false,” Astatement that we get to hear every other time a surgery goes wrong and nothing can be done about it by the authorities responsible.

Instead they assume investigation has been done and with futile of giving clear information without being profoundly apologetic to the patient and his or her family.

We know neither the hospital nor the doctor is likely to admit to making such errors but the question is whether the doctor failed to follow the recognised standard care when performing the surgery or procedure and that resulted in harm to the patient.

Very many patients have undergone wrong surgeries and end up hurting both physically and emotionally .Since their voices cannot get justice they deserve just because they got no money to pay a professional to represent them in the court, they tend to just suffer innocently and silence awaiting for death to meet them.

Some months ago, a patient got a wrong tag and ended up having a brain surgery which was wrong for his body.Was this man going to remain the normal him?Was he going to view life the same way he did before? Was there any hope for him left? How was he going to view humankind again?

Let`s also think about this woman who the surgeon decided to remove her ovaries during a procedure to remove bowel disorder without her consent, because they were “in the way”.In January 2018 at the age 58, she committed suicide, and her family and coroner believed it was due to the pain of botched surgery and trauma from loosing her ovaries.

Whatabout a wrongsurgery on a newlyborn baby?Baby Nate was performed a tongue clipping surgery that was intended for another baby to help improve in breastfeeding.How did Jennifer feel after she realised her baby had to live with that for the rest of his life?”I know it is a job for doctors and it can get repetitive, but we human beings and we have feeling,”Jennifer said very worried about her son`s future.

Just another incident occur in 2015, a doctor was charged with six assault charges.His infrictions ranged from allegedly leaving a sponge inside a patient to operating on the wrong side of another patients`s spine.The doctor was a neurosurgeon.On another occasion, he left one patient hemorrhaging so badly that she died.

In 2014, a doctor who had 41 year experience of practicing surgery, removed a prisoner1s healthy kidney leaving the diseased one in his body. Let`s take a breathe and try to reason out together here.

What if this becomes a trend and too bad wedon’t talk about it,will you get so comfortable knowing you are safe for any surgery when that time comes in case? What about you wear the shoe of that patient who has undergone this wrong surgeries, so could it feel like?

When a doctor makes such mistakes, the effect on the patient can be life threatening.Suddenly surgical errors are mistakes!

Statistics from northwestern university indicate that while these accidents are reported in less than one percent of surgeries , they still affect 200,000 or more patients each year!Death of babies and mothers during delivery and surgeries are a reason why we need to be that strong voice that.



3 thoughts on “Are wrong surgeries a trend?

  1. Wow! Maybe they are becoming a trend, but also, maybe not.

    This article will generally receive both ends of the response curve. For those who have undergone a bad surgery or someone close to them have, they will lean towards agreeing with you. The opposite is true as well.

    My neighbor(Shiru) recently underwent a spine surgery and a week later she’s home, walking, talking and fully strong.


    1. Yes! but what about those who have terminal damage to their bodies for something the doctors could of just avoided. Theirs always another way to try and make them as healthy as possible. their are no reason why so many people should end up in many days of hell, I’m not saying they do it intentionally, but come on at least have some sympathy. as we are all people we mess up

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