When consent is not consent, then it is a rape. Prostitution is not a new word to everyone and not even to our past generation. Have you ever read in the bible when Samson too slept with a prostitute? When that woman who met Jesus at the spring still had many husbands who were not hers?

But let us think about this and get to know if this prostitution will end or continue. In the ancient Mesopotamia, priests used to sleep with the prostitutes and in some areas legal brothels existed that linked the clients with the prostitutes.

We walk in a certain place in the street during daytime and we can still spot some prostitutes and come across some lady who we will call her Jane for the purpose of privacy. Jane* is a prostitute who we met and volunteered to tell us about some stuff about prostitution and harassments they face daily.

“Prostitution is a job like any other in any field. It also pays just like any other job and we do it in the best way we can. But we also find a lot of challenges especially for those of us in the street because the treatments are harsh compared to those who got pimps- Pimps are those men who protect prostitutes from other men harassing them. But who protects them from the pimps?

People say how do we get raped yet we are there for sex?
You go to that room and the man says he wants the services and he is not ready to pay for them. So that becomes forced sex, when consent is not consent, and he may end up strangling you, stabbing or even killing. Many of our colleagues have been killed yet no investigation is being done since prostitution is illegal.

Most times we get harassed by the police at night. When we get caught they demand a bribe from us in sex form and still invite their colleagues to have us. We cannot complain to the jury since we are on the wrong side of the law. We are still taken to the cell and the police in there have sex with us instead of protecting us and we end up confused but fact remains we get raped!-Jane* says growing emotional and full of pain by the look in her eyes.

Taxi drivers are not an exceptional too,-Jane* says showing us a scar on her neck that she had while fighting with a taxi driver when he almost raped her. So this taxi drivers should take you to your clients and on the way they change direction to a dark place and force you to have sex with them.

Sex workers are the biggest victims of rape,” Jane* says while picking her handbag ready to walk away from us.

Forensically, there are many unsolved murder cases of sex workers. A person who attacks a sex worker also attacks other persons too.
The sex workers are at times told they fake it maybe to get some money from someone they know and how sure can we be especially if she has had sex with different persons that night, so who did it with consent and who did not do it?

Statistically, 2 out of 5 women, get babies out of rape and this leaves emotional scars to them.

Majority of them may up aborting the fetus.

Legally, in section 38 of sexual offences act (false allegations).It makes a person afraid of reporting a rape, fearing if they lost the case, the fine they would be given is not that easy. The outcome is mostly different from the beginning. Judges and police and juries often hold bias against sex workers. As a matter of fact, sex workers aren’t protected by rape shield laws.

But also not every man is a rapist and not every woman is a victim.



  1. This is sad..they go through it


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