depression fighting us yet we dont realise

You got best friends who were once a noisy bird filles with high adrenaline hormones always and at some point you thought they could not shut up unhtil death do them part.At some point you felt like you couldn’t withstand them.

All of a sudden they go silent,mumur, some go hiding, avoid people, push away there beat friends and all they can do is just sit and think and hate themselves to the fullest.

Those who were silent in nature, they become jumpy, talkative,smilling and laughing out loud become one of their life style.

But the gruesome thing is that, we tend to think these people have changed for the best without trying to contemplate the reasons behind such instances.We tend to make rushed descions that we never become profoundly appologetic to those who we hurt when they were going through such situations.

Scientifically, 7 out of 10 persons are having depression yet they can’t understand what it is.majority of us also dont want to accept the fact that we feel bad about ourselves and end up finding and seeking comfort to people who aren’t going to aid finally but instead lead us to a deeper hole.

It is never bad to feel bad about yourself.

When you realise you no longer got the energy, motivation, hiding alot from your struggles seek a professional service cause you want the best out of you.

Try going for yoga sessions, gym sessions, singing practices, playing easy games and meditating daily.

Very many people have darkened their life out of depression that fought aganaist them and won them.

Depression is also a problem that when not attended to it makes someone

  1. Loose confidence in themselves
  2. Think about commiting suicide
  3. Isolate themselves from relatives, friends, loved ones


You know a way to help them, comment and lets help them


5 thoughts on “depression fighting us yet we dont realise

  1. There are many levels of depression but once you have gone through a real depression and manage to survive, you are much stronger than you ever was.

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    1. Thanks anita..maybe i will talk abf levels of

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  2. Great, informative piece there Shiku.

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    1. Yea..we will get much deeper in it


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