Most individual on hearing the word forensic, they relate it to American drama movies. The first thing that pops up is FBI and INTERPOL.

Some years back the term Forensics was not a common thing in the country.

It is the use of science to tag culprits to criminal, well that is the narrow definition of forensics according to American drama movies.

Some years back confession and witness were the key thing that was used to tag individuals to crime scenes.

This method was not effective in solving crime since mostly likely a criminal was let go and an innocent person was sentenced.

All these was due to lack of enough evidence to prosecute an individual. In cases that involved Rape, murder and fraud were termed as cold cases.

The only evidence that could be used then was the word of mouth. In such cases the word of mouth could not be trusted.

From the onset of the dot com era, the idea of forensic investigation was made a reality. The dawn of computers made it possible to collect, analyse, compare and store forensic data for future reference.

The outlook of forensics changed completely to the point where it is possible to collect chemical, biological, physical and digital samples for future reference.

The onset of forensic labs revolutionized how justice is ruled in our courts. The number of cold cases has reduced significantly.

Now more than ever it is difficulty to commit a crime and go scot free. Advancement in digital technology has made it possible to extract DNA from: hair strands, Blood stains, Nails, saliva found at the crime scene.

The future of forensics is promising, introduction of the course in Higher learning, construction of Forensics lab for the DCI and the introduction of biometric registration of the individuals above 18 years.

Forensic will work if there is data to compare with, in order to combat crime in the country we need to have an interconnected network between securityagencies and a digital database with the registrar of persons.

Policies are being put in place to make this a reality and very soon it will be difficult to escape the law.

The future is bright.



  1. Future indeed isnl bright
    …..What of the criminals’ future. Doom is at their Wait.!!!

    Waiting to hear about cyber crimes too.
    How’s forensic curbing online network crimes.


    1. Criminal minds too are advancing too and we all got to keep on toes.thanks!


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