DAY One in the morgue as a forensic science student

They say curiosity killed the cat but in forensic science it will make you fall on a cadaver.

Yes ,i just said cadaver.

It is this day that we are supposed to go to the morgue,something which is compulsory to all freshmen forensic science students.We all wearing the new labcoats with our bags and hadbags heading to the gate C where the morgue is situated.

We engange in really engrossing conversation with classmates and everyone is busy talking how he or she will face the dead bodies with courage and get to see the basic organs of the body-that was the assignment.

Deep in most of us,we were fretful, curious, happy in a way- what we just call mixed feelings.

So we arrive at the morgue and we place our bags aside and its now time to get into that room.step by step, one person after another we get in and the first thing that meet our eyes are sealed items that we can’t recognise what they arw placed on a raised platform.

During this time we get to be addresed by the morgue technician who is an old man but good hearted and all i just remember were this words-“HANDLE THOSE CADEVER IN A SPECIAL WAY!”

By this time there air was changing.

The real story starts when we realised we seated next to dead bodies and we start by unwrapping them, step by step, removing the sheet, moist cotton and there we face the cadaver.

It is at this point the room is so silent, eyes just communicating and shedding tear due to some chemical , some guy rushing outside to vomit, not his fault.

we are in gloves but nobody dares to even point at any organ.

After some minutes , we get courage and now the curious friends start moving up and down, sneaky photos and just some funny events followed.

Those who were taking pics trying to pose, one student tries to place her hand in a certain position and she finds it in a cadever without gloves!!!

The other one pushed by a friend while joking around and his face lands to the face of the cadever!!

We go to the sinks to wash our hands and the next sink is having a thigh and leg of a fresh cadever that is being preserved.The body meat couldn’t be distinguished with that of meat we’ve been taking daily.

No one is even sure if the tap water is still that normal one?

After some minutes everyone is just fighting to sign out and swearing by herself not to take food especially meat and not to turn off the lights at night.

Ask me what i did that evening or what happened??


7 thoughts on “DAY One in the morgue as a forensic science student

  1. An interesting beginning to what may become a fascinating career. I was an EMT in London for a very long time, so was well-used to bodies, and to seeing the inside of a mortuary. I am surprised you were allowed to take photos and mess around though. That’s not at all respectful, and I doubt you would have liked that to happen to one of your relatives who had died. Hmm. Not nice at all.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Great work Flomena… I am impressed. Already people will get to know what forensic science is.


  3. Am assuming my new name will be Christian Cadever. He he!


      1. Coz am a Christian and Cadever will make sense then.

        Liked by 1 person

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