“Hey, what are you going to study in campus?”my dad’s friend asked-a very prominent person with a high position in a multi international company and most likely he had done a masters.

“Forensic Science,sir.” answered innocently.

His face looked like so surprised with no clue what the forensic science was all about.That did not set in as a suprise to him alone but to both of us.I did expect he should be knowing this stuff. Sophiscated?? No?yes?

Later on i just realised a lot of people dont really understand what forensic science is and what it involves and this is the fact that most of us will agree with.

Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, mainly—on the criminal side—during criminal investigation, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure.

You want to be a forensics??

Get ready to interact with criminals, crime scenes, blood, body fluids, dead bodies, chemicals , lot of research, finding yourself in court as expert witness,morgues, banks and i mean everywhere!


not scary as you may think of. As a matter of fact so intresting.

Forensics also as any field has its displines i.e forensic serology, physchology, ballistics e.t.c

So what is this really forensic science involving??

So lets start the journey on the forensic science by understanding it better in Forensic science in the next posts.

You got a question or comment also write it down.

Just do it!



7 thoughts on “FORENSIC SCIENCE??

  1. Well, congrats having been able to being who you truly are. A writer.
    Its interesting how you came about doing what you now love and confident to write about.
    I can’t wait for the blog about your first time at work!
    I’ve foreseen great potential hardly dispensed with.
    Be who you are best flo.
    Great article!!!


  2. Am really loving this Forensic thing and now am eargerly waiting for ‘The day one at the morgue’😂 Flo 👌


  3. Wow wow… The best explanation one can get. I am proud of you fellow Forensic expert.


    1. Hey am writting aboug day one at the morgue.Thank you


  4. Great to hear about Forensics…Have u watched the FLASH??….I think its kinda the same thing as u explained Forensics…I like it and its interesting…Get it done Flo….#FloForensicsdoingit


    1. Thank you…gonna move to the next level


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